Friday, November 06, 2009

It's called "research"

Because I'm too lazy to use the Google, here's the novel research question of the day: Do iguanas have long tongues that eat flies?

These are the literary questions that consume me lately. I am proud to say that despite having a double ear infection, peanut butter in the ear-piece of my new iPhone (not related. I think.), and a whole bunch of other distractions, I have, in fact, a beginning, middle and end to the novel.

*waits for applause to subside*

Now begins the task of going back through and filling all of the holes I made and generally tightening prose and bolstering word counts. And research.

In other words, all of the fun stuff.


Kristyn said...

Iguanas are herbivores. Not sure why I know that.

Anonymous said...

My brother's Iguana ate crickets, but he didn't have a long tongue.

Anonymous said...

Gene Simmons has a long tongue...Sorry that's the bast I can do.

JODI said...

I had a friend who was iguana sitting for her brother when the reptile fell off his log and broke his leg. She spent $200 to save the iguana from death by broken leg...and iguana's need special reptile vets you can't just take the dog, cat and iguana to the same doc.

Tracey said...

I'm going to have to use the Google on this, aren't I? One stinking sentence on Iguanas in the whole novel, and I have to look it up.

Thanks for the help--stay tuned for your next assignment.

Kristyn said...

Change it to a sentence about a snake and Joe can be your reptile go to man:)