Sunday, October 04, 2009

A story problem

Question: If there are three confirmed swine flu cases at your elementary school and you have three kids enrolled in grades K-8 and at least two are running fevers at 100.1 or above, what is the total number of minutes your family will be in school next week?

Answer: 2.3 minutes. (But I will accept the 12 minutes of whining in carline before we turn around and come home tomorrow morning.)

Extra credit:
How much money will I spend on Kleenex, hand sanitizer and doctor's office copays over the next 3 days?

(Hint: anything under $17,000 is wrong.)


Sandra C. said...

Oh no...I hope they feel better soon.

JODI said...

The gal whose desk is next to mine was just diagnosed with Type A influenza. Can you say Clorex wipes? Cause that is exactly what I did to everythng from the desk to the stapler--swipe, wipe, disenfect.

Anna See said...

yikes. i hope you dodge it and that the kiddos feel better soon!