Monday, September 07, 2009

An album

I have to admit that sometimes I forget.

I don't know why I do, it makes perfect sense, but it still knocks me over every single time it happens anyway.

I forget that all photographic record of my mother doesn't start and end with the few photos that we have in our possession. There are others out there--other friends and family have pictures of her throughout the years that I've never seen before, and they surface like lost treasure upon a shore. I open them up and I am once again floored by her brief presence here, and I just want more.

Tonight, my Uncle shared some photo scans from 1963-75.

This one is probably 1971 and it's my Mom, my Grandmother, Aunt Edna, Aunt Marge and Aunt Karen. Beautiful, smart and very funny women all getting their Juleps on in the backyard.

That's Mom and Edna and Grandmother. They have all passed in the last ten years and that makes me so sad.

And this one just makes me ache.


Anonymous said...

I can see you in that photo. So beautiful!

Kirsten said...

That could be you!! She is so full of happiness in that last photo. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I was going to tease you relentlessly about your outfit in the last picture, and then realized it was your mom. (I know people look like their parents, but this is uncanny!)

And I can't tease her. Just not right.

But I am curious about one thing in the photo. Two dudes are in the background, standing like they are playing lawn darts. But they're holding large billiard balls and staring at some kind of plastic curly-cue kind of thingamajig on the left. Just what the hell is it and what are they doing? Is it an early 60s version of a ouija board? Or did your family just fearfully throw things made from that newfangled material called plastic?

Sandra said...

So pretty. I'm glad you have the photo as a memory.