Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's playing?

You all owe me mad 21st century props.

I have seen two non-animated movies this week and it's only Tuesday. First, I saw "Juno" on Sunday, and while I know it isn't exactly a poppin' fresh new release, I did see it in the decade it was made so that's progress.

Second, I saw a movie in an actual theater tonight. And while it certainly wasn't the screenplay genius as Sunday's film, it did not star Woody or Buzz so I think "Mall Cop" counts in my thin cinematic resume.

Go me.


JODI said...

I feel a kinship with you...I too watched Juno--last week, while I laid recouping. And, I cried at the end.

Do you think it's odd I cried? My kids think it is.

Tracey said...

Are you joking? I bawled like a baby! DIdn't everyone?