Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Valentine's Giveawy from Hallmark

I blog. I Twitter. I am Linkdin and my Face is Booked. I shop, bank, connect, learn, and am entertained online. I can even write my own basic HTML code. Even though I don’t know what that stands for nor can I figure out the remote control, I am pretty technologically savvy comparatively speaking.

However, there are just some things that cannot be replaced by technology, and one of them is getting a good, old-fashioned card in the mail.

But maybe they are not so old-fashioned. Hallmark has introduced its new line of recordable greeting cards that allows the sender to record a 10 second message in their own voice that plays when the recipient opens their card. No plug-ins, no websites, no codes to enter to retrieve. It’s absolutely awesome.

For Valentine’s Day this year, my kids recorded a special holiday greeting to their great-grandparents. A simple message, but the fact that it was in their own sweet voices made it extra special. It’s something that can be played over and over again.

I can see this making any occasion that much more special--a thank you more thankful and Happy Birthday more sincere. At $6.99, it’s an affordable way to give a smile to your special someone.

I’ve got 5 of these cards to give away to YOU. Leave a comment that could be recorded into a 10 second Valentine’s wish, and you can win one of these fun cards.

Wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day the new old-fashioned way.


JODI said...

Don't forget to call on Sundays... even if it's just to say you need money. Happy V-Day Alee.

(that what I would say to my college planted daughter)

Anonymous said...

We miss you, Grannie Jean. But we are sending some sunshine your way. Love You!
(From my kids to grannie!)

Kathy T said...

Something mushy and gushy, like to my favorite Valentine for the last 25years, love you more and more ............your loving wife

Tracey said...

Awww, these are great! Keep them coming!

Kirsten said...

Not very original... but this is what we say to each other in my little family:

You are the sunshine of my life. Love and kisses.

the end

Anonymous said...

How 'bout:

Happy Valium Time's Day, mom!

We're all coming to visit.

Natalie said...

What a cute idea! I will def check it out! I would probably just say something simple and mushy like...

So happy to be spending another Valentine's Day with you! I love you! XOXO!