Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Self-Aggrandizing Post

You may choose one of the many reasons below to praise me copiously this mid week:

1) I worked out last night. As part of my new and improved fall schedule, the wonerful babysitter has resumed Tuesday nights AND added Thursday mornings, so I have time to actually complete other tasks than Target and eyebrow waxes.

2)The house has stayed reasonably organized since I last posted on those efforts. Wow.

3)I got the girls photographed! Jessie was easy since she has had previous professional modeling experience, but Amy hasn't smiled for a photo in 3 years. That's why I don't care that her hair looks like this.

4)I started a new writing project that I am most excited about. Yay!

5) I didn't laugh out loud when the bug guy said this: "Sorry it took so long, I was playing with the light switch in the bathroom. It's cool how you just touch it and the light goes off and on. Off and On." Nor did I respond in any other way except to make sure I didn't inhale any of the poison fumes too.


Anonymous said...

For item #1) Here's a virtual pat on the back and an "Atta girl!!!"
#2)Where is your family now living?
#3)Your girls are soooooo adorable!
Jessica looks so much like you and I for one love Amy's hair. There'll be time for perfection later.
#4) You are an inspriation to other moms that there is life after school supply shopping.
#5) I just had a way cool motion sensor light switch installed in my laundry room. He can come spray my 10,000 spiders and play with it.

Regarding your previous post, might I suggest linens for the lunch room? A simple ivory table cloth and napkins monogramed with the school logo would add such class to a Lunchable in brown bag

Tracey said...

Regarding #2 response--Hahahaha! That's funny.... :)

Looks like someone is in the running for a pine nut...on a linen napkin of course. :)