Monday, August 06, 2007


Well, life begins it's new chapter this week. It's actually not a new chapter yet, but a prologue to Chapter 1: Back to School.

And while I dread this particular event, I cannot deny it any longer with vacations, ice cream and sleepovers. I must face the hard truth that school supply shopping is in my future this week.

Along with the requisite lists that seem to grow every year in size and scope, a trip to the uniform store is on the agenda this week. And haircuts. And backpacks and lunchboxes. And shoes--something we haven't worn since May. The next two weeks are littered with shopping, doctor's appointments and room cleaning. Yuck, yuck, and yuckier.

It is also the last full week of the Intern. Another event I dread. He's been here since Jess was 2 weeks old, and since I can't remember life without her, I can't remember life without him. Honestly, by August 20, this house is going to be sooooo quiet. Adding to it, my voice will bounce off the walls there will be so much extra space. I don't know what I'll do with the extra hours on Mondays when not doing the extra loads of laundry.

Speaking of which, he's not gone yet, so I should hop to it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Diva,
The party will be at my house on the 21st when six of mine (except the 4 month old) will be back to school! I'm just around the corner, so come on over! By the way, the upside of uniforms is fewer clothes to wash. My girls seem to go through at least 3 costume changes a day, not including P.J.s :-)

Tracey said...

Well, send me directions--we'll have margaritas every day at noon while the babies nap! Then we'll nap... :)

I do like the uniform sitch--just hate the uniform store...