Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've been avoiding you.

It's not you, it's me, really. It's complicated. So I'll post as we both ignore that huge elephant in the blog. Sorry, those are the terms.

Instead of my obvious malady, I'm going to focus on the positive. Like, I bought a new dress for a wedding next month that I didn't hate. On sale. In a single-digit size. And it's not black.

Yes, I hear the elephant coughing in the corner. I'm sure it's fine. Really. Ignore it.

Oh, and how about my return to the freelance world last night? It was as entertaining as it always is after a 4 month maternity leave. And they didn't stone me. Well, they sort of did with their eyes when my favorite member of the board called me out and everyone turned to look at me. I just flashed them my hundred dollar smile and kept right on writing.

That elephant can't hurt you. He's lame. Or anemic.

And that today while someone else is cleaning the house, I will be buckled down writing said article and packing for summer trip #1 that I am surprisingly pretty prepared for. Complete with a new bathing suit that I don't hate. On sale. And it is black, but a little white, too.

A little hemorrhaging never hurt anything as strong as an elephant. You're being needlessly squeamish.

I'm sorry, did that sound a little like self-pity? It did, didn't it? Well, the only cure I know for self-pity is getting drunk on a beach for 5 days. Which is what I'll be doing starting tomorrow if the elephant doesn't pass out on me.


Jen said...

At the moment, I can't tell if I should feel concern for you or envy. Concern for what it is you're going through right now, and envy for the fact that you fit in a single digit size so soon after giving birth, that you found a bathing suit you don't hate, and that you'll be spending time on the beach drinking something I can only dream of. Alright, I think I've settled on concerned envy.

I'd tell you to "feel better soon", but I don't think this is that type of malady.


Tracey said...

Ya know, it is a physical thing of the female variety, but is quickly deterioriating into an the most depressing situation I've ever faced. Today at the doctor du jour, the doc came in and just sat with me. Because she was worried about me. I thought, "Aw, that's sweet." Then I thought, "Get off your ass and fix me."