Friday, June 01, 2007

Amphibious metaphors

Blessedly, I got a few shards of sleep last night. I may even be rested enough to do the Electric Slide at a wedding tonight...

Intern-nephew's presence here is a lot of fun. Not only is he a big help, but he does provide comic relief. And I think by the end of the summer, I should be able to improve his use of metaphors so he doesn't have to use some like these:

D: This house is so loud. I am just not used to...

Me: What? Being part of a family? Because I know you have one. I've met them.

D: No, it's just like getting plunged're used to it. Like if we were frogs swimming in a hot pot of water. If your frog eased in and got used to it, he wouldn't die. And my frog just gets thrown into boiling water and it's such a shock, he dies.

Me: Ribbit.

I'm not even going to comment. Because really, what can one say when one is compared to a pot of boiling frogs?

But then this morning, when he didn't know I saw him, he kissed each one of those little toads before he left for work.

What a prince.

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