Monday, May 07, 2007

A self observation

My cynical nature, which makes me a fun cocktail party guest also makes me a less than ideal Stepford mom.

Just sayin'.


Piddler said...

There's an untold story here.

Do tell.

Jimb0 said...

Take comfort in the fact that our cynical natures are what make us "real" people as opposed to robots.

Score one for the home team.

Tracey said...

Seeing as how this isn't an anonymous blog, I can't give particulars.;) But I can make the sweeping generalization that I am not one of those Running Commentary Preschool know the ones that name their kids after cartoon characters and then instead of disciplining or just saying "no" God forbid--say things like this to their 18 month old, "Now Curious George, we need to make good choices. Do you think it is a good choice to impale that boy with a pencil like that? If you do that 10 more times, Mommy is going to have to put you in a milisecond timeout so I don't damage your self esteem at the cost of that other child's retina."

It drives me nuts.

Piddler said...

Ah - I knew there was a story.