Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Diva math

We just spent 4 grand on Marco Island so I could make $20 in book sales.

But the weekend was a success otherwise. I did sell out of books and we had a great time chilling on the beach for Mother's Day. Here are a couple of examples of fun:

The kids in the pool

The boys on a jet ski

The limo ride to the signing (quite a surprise, I might add)

The signing

What Jessie did through her first weekend at the beach


Jodi said...

Working equals tax deduction.

Dam girlfriend you look GREAT...I don't look that good and I have had almost 13 years to lose the baby fat.

I feel inspried, off to the tread mill!

Tracey said...

Amen to tax deductions!

And thank you--you've inspired me to keep it off with a jog tonight.

Piddler said...

Ditto what jodi said. No one should be allowed to look that good this soon after giving birth. It really isn't fair to the rest of us.