Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Something I've always wanted to say, but never believed I'd actually have the opportunity:

...Suburban Diva is very popular in Europe right now.

(Don't ask me to explain how or why the above statement is true, because honestly, it baffles me into a speechless stupor, and please don't ask me to quantify 'very' either, because it is probably just one French guy in his Mom's basement that has an American housewife fetish, but I just like to imagine repeating that sentence over a steaming cup of black coffee that has just been poured from a samovar at a bistro table on a sidewalk with a poodle at my high-heeled feet.)

1 comment:

Esther said...

Hello there, dear Diva,

This is Europe speaking! I am living in Holland, reading your blog, so it is now very official and proven that you are a big hit on the other side of the ocean!

I'm not quite sure how I found you, but i did link you on my own blog (www.zuidwesther.web-log.nl).

Anyway, keep writing and i will keep reading!