Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yes, it's our Anniversary today. The 14th as a matter of fact.

In the past, we try to be traditionalists when it comes to our anniversary gifts. We like to creatively give the traditional material that etiquette dictates--for example, for the paper anniversary, I subscribed to the newspaper. I think he got me a curling iron for our sixth. That sort of thing. Well, the 14th is the ivory anniversary. What do you do for that?

He doesn't play the piano, nor do I want to spend hundreds on scrimshaw for whimsy. I suppose I could give him the complete Keenan Ivory Wayans DVD box set...but that's not a whole lot of fun, either. A trip to the Ivory Coast? I am really looking forward to next year when crystal is on the calendar. I ended up getting him some ivory-colored silk shirts and ties.

So instead of a traditional gift exchange, we are going to the Tampa opening of "Wicked," and dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Maybe I'll order the elephant ears.

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