Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 is Messy

I am a bad blogger, I realize. However the following update will also serve as an explanation, I assure you.

Of course we had a wonderful holiday. We were all spoiled, and it was a relaxing time. That controlled Christmas chaos was then replaced by noisy and messy chaos on the 26th when the kitchen demolition/remodel began.

Everything had to be taken out of the kitchen and laundry room to clear the way for the cabinet dismantle. I will spare you the sawdusty details, but suffice it to say banquet tables were lined up in every spare corner of the house (already overflowing from new Christmas gear) and the contents of the two busiest rooms in the house were piled upon them. We have paths from one table to the next. We have no kitchen sink, so no cooking, ergo take out containers and paper plates and forks are everywhere.

While I am very excited for the end product (as of today the new cabinets are installed and we now await the granite counters on Monday) I am having a hard time living in this mess. My mind just doesn't seem to work well in this amount of disarray...

But at least it distracts me from the no book news. The last update was the Library of Congress assignment--I do not believe much governmental business was conducted during the week between Christmas and New Years. I fully expect movement any minute to the presses and eventual release, but I've been saying that for a month now, and I don't believe me either. So I wait on that.

I take Amy to the doctor again shortly. This was supposed to be a well visit, but guess who is running a fever? Oh, you're so intuitive!

So I guess there are some constants in my life.

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