Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have yet to find my local sommelier...

If you know me, you know where I like to shop for wine in my old hood. I never had a bad bottle there--a couple labels were deadly to Sean, but they weren't bad--and I could always count on them for the best recommendations. And they gave you a glass while you shopped.

Here? Notsomuch.

Me: Yes, I'm looking for a nice bottle of red for a stuffed leg of lamb for Easter dinner. Do you have any suggestions?

Dude Working the counter of the wine and spirits store. (Which doesn't smell like wine, or fruit or oak barrels. It smells like wet cement and broken dreams.) ?

Me: (Thinking his confusion was the menu.) Well, it's stuffed with a homemade sausage and rosemary stuffing with scallion and a hint of orange zest. I then wrap it in pastry and roast for another 45 minutes.

Dude: Fascinating. Let me check. (Consults laminated placard behind register.) Looks like Merlot will do it. (Rhymes with Mer-snot.)

Me: That says "ham," not "lamb."

Dude: (Squinting.) So it does. You want me to find a bottle?

Me: I think I can take it from here.

I'm kind of glad they didn't offer me a glass of Mersnot while I shopped..


the one allergic to wines Ed would "pick" from time to time said...

I am not so sad, Ed is in our rear view mirror. The whole "deadly bottles to sean" surfacing more than can happen randomlly always concerned me a bit

Anonymous said...

Oh come on! Ed would never hurt anyone with his recommendations! Not intentionally! Maybe you should chat up your new buddy Kix...he probablly knows a place for good wine!