Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Suburban/Urban/Rural Diva

It's a funny place where I live now.

The neighborhood couldn't be more suburban--we've got neighbors that show up with baked goods and an HOA. But we are also 10 miles from the city limits, and when I drive the kids to school I pass at least five sprawling horse farms on the way.

It's hilly--there are hills and valleys that I'm not used to in flat Florida. The colors are vibrant and not just various shades of green. And while nothing can compare to the beauty of the Gulf, it is definitely a pretty place to live. I miss the water in Florida, but in Florida I realize now that I missed the trees.

I'm trying to find my way here--literally and figuratively; but mostly literally. I like turning off the GPS which is so unhelpful at times, and just driving around getting the lay of the land. It doesn't help that every road is called something Pike, but we'll figure it out.

The kids started school yesterday, and they are all loving it so far. People are extremely friendly here, and with exception of things breaking and repairmen here every day, it's been a very nice week to get acclimated to Nashville life. I've got about 80% of the boxes unpacked, and hopefully by the end of the weekend, most things will be hung on the wall for all of the Thanksgiving guests to look at when they're eating their turkey.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your unpacking.

The end is near where you can finally exhale. Then comes the fun part of shopping to fill that great big beautiful home.


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