Wednesday, June 09, 2010


You don't know how long you've been tip-toeing until you finally let your heels touch the ground.

You don't know how long you've held your breath until you let it out at last.

You don't know how tense your muscles have grown until you finally allow them to relax.

You don't realize how long and hard you've worried when suddenly you're told you don't have to anymore. And you can believe it.

After a simple EKG, today I walked flat-footed.

I exhaled.

I dropped my shoulders.

I let a big worry go to make room for a whole lot of gratitude.

Happy Summer.


Karen said...

What a great way to start summer! Time to plan menus and start packing! See you on the beach!

digitalzen said...

reading between the lines ive got to figure that's really good news wonderful happy summer

Carl said...

Glad for the good news.