Monday, September 24, 2007


I don't normally do must research when I write column except for some basic spell checks, but since I am smack dab in a dry spell of suburban wisdom, I decided to put a call out to my diva posse.

I should have done this years ago, because you crazy ho's are cracking me up with your replies. Thank you--your comments are being compiled into the cistern of my brain.

This shouldn't be surprising coming from the crew that chose these colors at the pedicureallooza on Saturday: Katharine the Great, Midnight in Moscow, and An Affair in Red Square.

Slavic whores.

*My apologies for the hapless soul who just Googled slavic+whore and found an aging, overwhelmed mom talking about nail polish.


JODI said...

I wonder if the Sally Hansen "The Deepest of Violets" polish I just applied to my fingers and toes counts towards "whore" status or gothic status...either way, my advice, don't borrow your teenage daughter's polish!

Tracey said...

Let's call it, "Deepest of Violets in Dr. Zhivago's front lawn" and then you can join us....