Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pot roast and ultrasounds

Sorry to worry everyone--Oscar and I are fine. A little visit to Atlanta's finest women's hospital confirmed 3 very important things: 1) Oscar is healthy. 2) The contractions didn't do anything this time to progress labor. (Which, as an aside, I paid extra not to go through, remember?) 3) I will eat anything, including hospital pot roast and warm fruit cocktail. Oh yeah, and 4) No more long car trips until the summer of 2007.

So let's throw out some other little tidbits just to lighten the mood, shall we? We could all use a good laugh I'm sure.

*Sean is getting a bucket truck this weekend to put up our Christmas lights. I'm going to be standing (nay, sitting or lying down per doctor's orders) with a camera and a pen writing my next column.

*My doctor just told me to "Listen to my cervix." Hmmmm...Shhhh..let's try to make out what she's saying...I hate you, you fertile bitch. Yep, that's the exact translation.

*Another piece of medical wisdom I got today was that I was doing really well on the weight gain. Only 1/2 of an ounce since last time. I'm on track to fall in the 15-25 pounds total goal. Now the funny part--it's not even December 1 which means Christmas cookies have not been baked and I'm only in month 5. OK, stop laughing now. That egg nog is going to come out of your nose.

*And the biggest joke of all? Bed rest. At Christmas. With 3 kids.

I slay me.


ver said...

Let's get this straight. I take my eyes off your blog for a few days, and you decide to become the world's most drama-prone woman in the entire blogosphere? Good lordy.

(I'm so glad all is well, though...)

Tracey said...

It makes for good blogging, oh Mistress of the Blog....