Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mysteries Solved

The following startling mysteries were solved tonight at dinner with 16 other divas and 432 margaritas:

1)My blog audience was more clearly defined. (Hi Bern and Kathy...)

2)The urban myth I've been perpetuating and my lame "brush with fame" story about a lead singer of a popular 70's band being the mother of a fellow student at the school is completely untrue. (Damn, now I'll have to retell the one about the drummer from The Who--again.)

3)Catholic school elementary teachers have as impressive of livers as those belonging to the room moms. (You go, girls.)

4)We are going to have to hire full-time sober nannies for the Palm Island trip this year. It could get very ugly.

5) Our husbands and children will go hungry at Palm Island this year, because cooking does not seem to be on the agenda.

6)If Suburban Diva is the biggest celebrity we know, we all need to get out more.

7)The whereabouts of some truly embarrassing photos are now known. (I will burn them.)

8)My sons are ladies men. (I knew about #1 son--it's #2 I'm having a tough time believing.)

9) I have "The Talk" to look forward to next year, which is already making my mouth dry and palms sweat. (Maybe this should be sooner--see #8)

10) We'll miss our dear friend, Lynn. Best of luck to you and your family.

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