Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sleep, Actually

Why do I do these things to myself?

Quality sleep has pretty much eluded me this week with Sean out of town. I just don't sleep well here by myself. Anyway, last night I could have caught up a little, and almost did, until the 11:00 news blared the hopeful news that the NHL is forging ahead with new talks and the season may be saved after all. Personally and professionally, this news effects our life. We'll see today.

Instead of turning off the TV and finding sweet slumber, I started flipping around and found my new favorite movie of all time, Love Actually. Have you seen this movie? I highly recommend it when you need to laugh and cry at the same time or heal your soul after an unspoken romantic malady. It melts this cynic's heart everytime.

The closing credits brought the clock's strike of two, and by that time the night was shot.

Along with my chances of catching up this weekend, either.


ver said...

I caught that on Saturday night, too! I cannot resist the siren call of that movie. I laugh so hard EVERY bloody time I watch that final scene in the restaurant where all the Portuguese-to-English translation is messed up. It KILLS me.

Tracey said...

I love that movie so much and that part! And when he comes to the door with the cue cards, "without hope or agenda..."

Tears rolling down my cheeks, I tell ya.