Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friday from Disney

Let me set the scene here before I go much farther…This weekend was coined the “Disney Mom Blogger Mixer,” and I was invited to go with 15 other Mom bloggers around the country. None of us knew each other before the trip, and this was a little daunting to me, but I really was prepared to just have a new experience and all that that would entail.


3:15: I arrived at Disney’s Beach Club Resort after a 90 minute drive of listening to my own radio choices rather than the “Underdog” screenplay which is my usual fare. The room is beautiful, and it is difficult to believe the whole thing is mine. I did a sheet angel on the king size bed and didn’t hit a kid or a dog when I did it. My family sent me flowers in honor of Matty’s birthday tomorrow and they were a sweet touch to the room.

The itinerary is absolutely amazing. The first thing was a Welcome Reception at 4:15. I quickly rushed down to the pool to meet my new friend Kris from Cleverparents.com before the reception. She’s a trip. A trip into downtown Crazy. But that’s okay since I am the Mayor of Crazyville; it’s nice to hang with a constituent.

4:30: We all gather at a Welcome Reception in an outdoor gazebo overlooking the beautiful pool at the Beach Club. It has a lazy river and a sandy bottom. We are greeted by our Disney hosts, Joyce, Leanne and Michelle; and they couldn’t be more gracious. And there is this beautiful buffet laid out--it includes buffalo and duck. And Sangria. Lovely. Sangria. Did I mention Sangria?

The women here are truly amazing. And very diverse. There are bloggers, product reviewers, web designers, writers, parenting site editors, and me. I am beginning to seriously wonder what I’m doing here amongst all of this talent. Kris organizes baby showers for military wives. Lori is home schooling. Gabrielle is running multiple sites with 5 children. Mary Beth has 6 kids and has written a book and has another out in January.

My column this morning was about writing off Jack Daniels as a deduction on my taxes.

6:00: We headed over to Italy for dinner. (Italy was just in nearby Epcot, but I just like saying that.) There is a 17 hour wait, but we get escorted right inside and occupy 3 large tables in the middle of the restaurant. I sit next to Leanne from Disney and Darcie who was part of the Moms panel at DisneyWorldMoms.com. Others at my table included Marybeth, Elizabeth, Kim, Michelle and Jo-Lynne.

We eat like kings. Or queens. Italian queens. There is food and wine and attentive waiters with accents. We are talking non-stop. Imagine a group of women. A group of mothers traveling for a weekend of fun without kids. A group of child-less mothers who also blog. We never shut up. EVER.

And we take pictures. Lots of pictures. I felt as though I wasn’t personally doing my share since cameras were flashing like paparazzi bulbs, and the braised pork shank was Lindsay Lohan.

8:30: After the fabulous meal and 3 desserts, we are escorted to more desserts. I see no problem here.

There are attendants with air traffic controller flares leading us through the crowds that have already started to line up to watch the fireworks. People are staring trying to figure out why we are so important. I want to answer their curious stares with, “We’re bloggers. Mommy bloggers.” And then watch them all scramble to eat their vegetables and write HTML code.

9:00: We are seated in our own private area with our desserts and coffee and benches right on the water to watch Illuminations. Totally fun. I become that tourist which I abhor--and watch the entire show through the viewfinder of the HandyCam because I feel as though I should work a little.

After, we break up and try to squeeze in a few rides during the extra park hours.

11:05: Back in my room, next to my flowers sits a fun gift bag of Disney goodies. At least I think they’re fun, because I pass out on my big bed exhausted from partying like a blog star.


Anonymous said...

I forgot about the people who walked us from dinner to the fireworks with those light saber things in the air!

I took a photo of all of our food at that dinner, but not a photo of OUR TABLE! Did you get one?

Musings of a Housewife said...

LOVE IT! You're hilarious. And tell it so well.

Tracey said...

I did not get a table shot--I was really bad with the camera...sorry!

Thank you, dcrmom. It was a funny weekend! (Wait till you read tomorrow...)

Kris said...

You definitely would move down a few notches in my mind for the camcorder bit... if I hadn't been the one to tell you to turn it on. ;-)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh my gosh- this is great! Was there really a 17 hour wait at Tutto Italia? I was so not paying attention pretty much the entire weekend... just went with the flow and it was WONDERFUL!


Marybeth Whalen said...

Oh my gosh, you MUST finish this witty and entertaining account of our fabulous weekend! I am so enjoying it I think I will have to link to it so my readers can come enjoy it. And I will try to look past the fact that my readers will probably leave me for you. They really should-- you are way more funny than I could ever think about being.

Tracey said...

Steph--I think they are still waiting for a table at Tutto Italia...

MB--Saturday will continue tomorrow, stay tuned and thanks for the compliment!

Kris--You're adorable.

Lori Seaborg said...

I so did not have flowers in my room when I got there. And it wasn't even for YOUR birthday - what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, crud, I just let it auto-sign me in with my OLD (very) blog and photo and ... ugh. Anyway, it was me, above, who said that.

Unknown said...

Very funny.

I'm thinking that this story is even better than my experience there. Can't wait to keep reading.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


No, not because you were there and I WASN'T...

But because you're gonna leave me hanging and not tell me the rest of it till tomorrow!!!! if I didn't know you better, I'd say you're a big ole blog tease!!!

I will just have to go to all your new blog friends to read about THEIR experiences to see who will tell the WHOLE STORY!!!

Lucky girl you! Yes, am totally jealous!

JODI said...

Manic took the words out of my mouth. Tracey, girlfriend, it's Tuesday and you leave us hanging on Friday @ 1105pm. Cruel. Very Cruel.

Kris said...

Just saw the whole 'you're adorable' comment and would like to counter with. No, really, Tracy, YOU are adorable. Take a picture with Minnie and call it a night.